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No, contrary to popular belief this site is not generated by computer bots. In fact there are people who work hard everyday to make sure that this site exists and is there to serve you. These people are:

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  Editorial Staff:  
Name: Mohamed Awad Name: William Hunter
a.k.a.: Falcon a.k.a.: Ummagumma  
E-mail: Contact E-mail: Contact  
Position: Founder/Editor-in-Chief Position: Senior PC Editor
Name: Jeff Dalton Name: Clive Chan
a.k.a.: Firestarter a.k.a.: ChaoZ  
E-mail: Contact E-mail: Contact  
Position: Staff Writer Position: Staff Writer
Name: Andrew Dagley  
a.k.a.: CSL    
E-mail: Contact    
Position: Staff Writer  
  Technical Staff:  
Name: Victor R. Name: Victor D.
a.k.a.: Izzy a.k.a.: Doctor Glitch  
Position: Programmer Credit: Logo Designer

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