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    Affiliate Program

Do you want to help us pay the bills? Now you can do so, without costing you a single dollar! Just use our link to, shop there as you normally do, and once you complete your purchase Amazon sends us a portion of the money for referring you to them. You pay the same price you would've paid anyways, but instead of the whole price going to Amazon, we get a percentage. Simple, eh? Give it a shot today, and help keep us ad-free forever.

Click on the link above before making your next purchase.
  How does that link work? Do you use it once and it's stored forever?  
For those of you wondering how the affiliate link works, according to it is stored as a cookie for 24 hours. So, if you use that link to visit, you have 24 hours to make a purchase that we would earn the bonus from before you have to click on the link again from our site to refresh your cookie. The best solution is to browse their site first without using the link, decide on what you are going to buy... clear you cookies, and then come and click on the link just before you add all your items to your shopping cart. For those of you that are going to do this for us, thanks in advance!
  Why this?  
During our year and a half on-line, we received (to our surprise) many e-mails asking about ways to help support the site. Our first month on-line was hosted on a friend's machine for free, but that didn't work out and we had to move to a paid host. We've been with our current host since August of 2002 and they've been great with us, without breaking the bank either! Extra cash on the side to cover the expenses wouldn't hurt though, and we tried running ads here for a couple of weeks to see how that would go. The results weren't impressive, as the annoyance of having the ads wasn't worth the few bucks they created monthly. Pop-ups were and still are not an option, so we didn't even bother with them. We forgot about this issue since we were (and still are, thankfully) okay financially. But when Amazon's affiliate program came into sight, and with the possibility of making enough cash to cover our monthly operations only off a couple of purchases, we couldn't resist. The best part is: you get to help us out without paying an extra cent out of your pocket!
  What's this affiliate program? And why Amazon?  
Affiliate programs have been a part of the fast-growing internet world since day one. Companies use them as an incentive for websites to refer their readers to their e-store, and in return website owners are rewarded with a small percentage of the sales generated. Customers pay regular prices, and go through the same check-out process they would normally go through. However, the e-store immediately sends a portion of their purchase to help out the site they were referred from. is a part of the parent internet giant but with products and shipping prices tailored for Canadians. They've expanded greatly and now sell everything from DVDs, to Music, books, software and video games. They ship out their stuff for free if it's over $39 and have more than a million new and used items to choose from. And not to worry, several of our editors are helplessly addicted to their store and have been using them for a while now without a single problem. In short: they are a Canadian's dream come true for on-line shopping.
  Privacy and security issues: Who processes the orders?  

Amazon is the world's largest on-line retailer. They've been in business for what seems like an eternity from an e-business perspective, so they are as safe as an on-line retailer can get. And no, by being an affiliate we do not process the transaction ourselves or anything like that. Everything is done through Amazon, they don't send us any personal information about you either. For your reference, here are Amazon's privacy and safe shopping guarantee pages.

  Thanks for helping out guys and gals. Enjoy your shopping, but watch the bill :)  



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