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Marc Mencher Interview

After taking a look at his book, Get in the Game! Careers in the Game Industry, we now present to you an interview with game industry guru Marc Mencher. Marc is the man behind in addition to being the author of the book.


Derek Smart Interview

Derek Smart, one of the most experienced PC developers, is the founder of 3000AD Inc. Derek is well known for his Battlecruiser series, and for his wild experiences with publishers. After publishing his latest release by himself, Derek has teamed up with Canadian publisher DreamCatcher Interactive for his next releases. Read all the details about his company, the DreamCatcher deal, and, of course, Derek himself.




Digital Extremes

We were fortunate enough to get a chance to sit down with James Schmalz, founder of the world-famous Canadian game development house Digital Extremes, for an interview. We ask him many questions about the Unreal franchise, developing on-line console games, Unreal Championship vs. UT 2003, and much more. Find out all the details by listening to the interview.


Impossible Creatures

We had a chance to interview Damon Gauthier, designer on Microsoft's upcoming real-time strategy game Impossible Creatures. Developed by Canadian developer Relic Entertainment (of Homeworld fame), it's a unique strategy game that lets you use animals as building blocks. Find out more by listening to our audio interview.


Rise of Nations

We interviewed Paul Stephanouk, Associate Producer on Microsoft's upcoming real-time/turn-based strategy game Rise of Nations. RoN is Big Huge Games' first title, but one that's on the "must-own list" of many strategy gamers. Listen to our interview to find out why.


Digital Eel Interview
(Part I - Part II)

We managed to get Richard and Iikka from Digital Eel to answer several questions for us about their 3-person company Digital Eel as well as their two games: Plasmaworm and Strange Adventures in Infinite Space.

Enlight Software Interview

Once again we have managed to get Andy Grimbal to answer some questions for us. This time we concentrate on Enlight Software, its unique location, its history and future, as well as questions about Consoles vs. PC. Read this lengthy 3-page interview for all the details.
Hotel Giant Q_A

Andy Grimbal, Game Designer for Enlight Software, was kind enough to answer a few questions regarding their latest product: Hotel Giant. To find out more about this title, read the Q_A.

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