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Rise of Nations Hands-On

See why Daniel claims that "No matter how you play Rise of Nations, come May 20th, you'll experience the excitement of your favourite real-time strategy titles, along with the historical profundity of the Civilization series" in this hands-on preview of the game's last beta build.


Empire of Magic Impressions

Independent Slovak developer Mayhem Studios is preparing their new turn-based strategy game Empire of Magic for launch. Arty checks in with his impressions after giving the press beta a whirl.


Restaurant Empire Hands-On

Business simulations are not a new genre for Enlight Software. It should come as no surprise that Enlight is off to conquer the culinary world in their new game: Restaurant Empire. After giving the beta a spin, we are ready to reveal our thoughts.



Freelancer Hands-On

March 2003 will see the release of Digital Anvil's epic space action-adventure game. This title, Freelancer, is the latest offering from the studio that brought us StarLancer in 2000. How is it shaping up? Find out in our hands-on preview based on the PR beta.


UT 2003 Demo Impressions

Since the release of the Unreal Tournament 2003 demo, we here at have spent a good many hours engrossed in it. The demo comes with four maps, most of the weapons available in the full game, and one player skin. How does this incarnation compare to its predecessor?



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