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  QOTD: "The [GeForceFX's] fan produces an incredible racket on par with a vacuum cleaner - there's simply no other way to describe it. You can hear the card even if you're in another room of the house."

- Lars Weinand

QOTD: "It was so cold today [in Toronto] that Saddam Hussein withdrew his Canadian refugee application."

- Mike Bullard

QOTD: "Nightcaster II is about as incoherent and obnoxious as the ramblings of a bored frat boy who's holding an empty six-pack and a boom box, except with Nightcaster II, you have to pay $40 to be subjected to it."

- Matthew Gallant

QOTD: "NOLF2 is better then 98% of the other FPS's out there but just had the bad luck of being a sequel to a game that was better then 99% of the other FPS's."

- Windows95

QOTD: "I wish developers who try to stretch their damn short games with forced autosaves would figure out that consumers like a choice. Make autosave an option for ironmen to choose, don't force the rest of us mortals to abide by it."

- Ummagumma

QOTD: "If you're a commie, is it still your own heart to promise with? Shouldn't it be the property of the masses?"

- Asharak

QOTD: "Tomorrow, I get RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. No matter what. If not, you can read about it in the papers."

- Ummagumma

QOTD: "I'm already in twenty gazillion fantasy leagues for every sport on the planet including jello wrestling."

- Canuck

QOTD: "The day I go against 400, 500 bad guys is the day I'm going to shoot myself and save them the trouble."

- John F. Mullins (SoF)

QOTD: "The chance of getting killed by a falling meteor is greater than the chance of a key generator coming up with one of the valid keys for online play."

- Tim Sweeney (UT 2003)

QOTD: "Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. At summer school, usually."

- Ummagumma

QOTD: "I esp. enjoy coop Serious Sam:The Second Encounter with my brother and father - nothing better than the fam goin out and kickin some ass together."

- Stormin on his favourite games genre

QOTD: "Most people get in the plane and then consider it a victory if they crash into something that doesn't belong to their own team."

- Gamespy's shaithis on BF1942's plane handling

QOTD: "Welcome to Liberty City: Where the only dirty word is hope."

- GTA III Manual

QOTD: "Bought video card three months ago and it ruled ... for about two months."

- Rick in PC Gamer (July 2002 Issue)

QOTD: "It seems like, in this business, the better you are at making games, the worse you tend to be at predicting when they'll be done."

- Cliffy B. Interview


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