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  Title: Dr. Blob's Organism
  Platform: PC  
  Genre: Shooter  
  Developer: Digital Eel  
  Publisher:   Cheapass Games  
  ESRB Rating:   N/A  
P II 350 MHz; 32 MB of RAM; 32 MB HDD space.
P III 500 MHz; 64 MB of RAM.
  Gorgeous presentation; good audio and visuals; frantic gameplay.
Repetitive after a few rounds; weapons lack variety.
Final Rating:
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Written by Clive Chan
May 14th, 2004

There are generally two kinds of games: Ones that challenge the mind and others that are just brainless fun. Dr. Blob's Organism is a game that clearly falls into the latter category. That is not to say that brainless games are poor games. After all, most first-person shooters can be said to be fairly brainless, but those looking for an intellectual challenge should probably look beyond Dr. Blob's Organism. The object of the game is to destroy an organism in a Petri dish with various energy weapons, in a bid to stop it from reaching the side of the dish and escaping. Simple enough? Yes, in fact that's all there is to the game.


Don't think it will be a cakewalk, though, because the game's fast and furious action could have you pounding on your keyboard long into the night. Dr. Blob's is comprised of 20 stages with several bonus ones sprinkled in between. There are also three difficulty levels, but even on easy, one should not expect to beat every level on the first try. Luckily, though, there seems to be no penalty (except in your score) when you lose a stage.


Visually, Dr. Blob's Organism is top notch. The game's graphics move along fluidly and the organism's growth is realistic. The weapon effects are well done, especially the electrical power-up, which plows through anything in its way. The overall production values in Dr. Blob's Organism are first rate and quite an accomplishment for an independent game. Likewise, the sound design is also of high quality. Dr. Blob's comes with more than 20 music tracks, all of them well suited to the game. The sound effects are simple, but also fit in nicely.


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