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Get in the Game Book Review

Like any industry, landing a job in the world of videogames takes tenacity, hard work and the ability to withstand a lot of rejection. That's where Get in the Game! comes in. Written by Marc Mencher, it's a guide on how to get a job in the games business,


Hegemonia vs. O.R.B.

Strategy First and DreamCatcher Interactive, two great Canadian publishers, released Off-World Resource Base and Hegemonia: Legions of Iron respectively. Which one of these two space strategy games has the upper hand? Read our special 4-page head-to-head battle to find out.


Derek Smart Interview

Derek Smart, founder of 3000AD Inc, is well known for his Battlecruiser series, and for his wild experiences with publishers. After publishing his latest release by himself, Derek has teamed up with Canadian publisher DreamCatcher Interactive for his next releases. Read all the details in this 12-page interview!


Fragapalooza 2002 Coverage

Fragapalooza is a Canadian gaming event (a.k.a. LAN party) that has been taking place for a couple of years now (first one was in 1997 in Edmonton). It's considered the largest event of its kind in Canada. We were able to go and experience FP 2002 East for ourselves, and came back with some goodies for you.




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